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Granite Drill Bit 8.0 x 120mm

  • Granite Drill Bit 8.0 x 120mm

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Granite Drill Bit 8.0 x 120mm

Stock code : IRW10501907

The Irwin IRW10501907 Granite drill bit has the following dimensions:
Drillbit diameter: 8.0mm
Total length: 120mm
Working Length: 70mm

The Irwin Granite drill bit range has been designed for impact / percussion drilling in very hard materials such as granite, concrete and natural stone.

They can drill 40% more holes than conventional masonry drill bits due to an extra hard, thicker and more robust carbide tip. The rounded cutting edges mean higher durability resulting in 50% more accurately sized holes per drill bit.

Package Dimensions: 10 x 10 x 120mm
Package Weight: 0.03kg

Price : £4.16   inc. UK VAT

This item should be dispatched in 2 working days

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